Grey Powder-Coated Windows are Popular in Lytham

On the face of it the perception of Grey is not a positive one. Grey Skies, Grey mood. Even former prime minister John Major was portrayed as grey on Spitting Image.

Yet in installations today the vast number of bifolding doors and windows installed are grey powder coated aluminium. Why is that? Who was it that decided grey would be the colour of choice? Architects and designers or homeowners?

Polyester Powder Coated Grey aluminium windows and doors have seen a massive surge in recent years. Some suppliers hold grey aluminium material in stock alongside white and other colours, such is it’s popularity.

The trend started with Architects in commercial buildings and modern homes and was very quickly adopted by the industry generally. This is a good thing. More and more showrooms are embracing colour and lead times on coloured products are coming down.

Grey powder coated aluminium doors and windows look set to be the core product for a while yet.

It demonstrates that tastes are changing as are buying habits and coloured windows and doors will continue for many years to come.