There’s no need to compromise on style and aesthetics with Bespoke Sash Windows by Spectus. Our Sash Windows are A-Rated as standard, with toughened safety glass. All windows come fitted with travel restrictors, safety tilt restrictors, and an anti-jemmy bar at no additional cost – allowing installers to offer their customers the best value for their money.


The Bespoke Sash Windows use the latest technology to maintain the look of a traditional timber sash window without the problems and maintenance costs of timber sash windows. Their sash windows are guaranteed for 10 years and will not rust, rot, flake, peel or rot. They cost much less than a timber sash window too – making them the affordable choice.


Travel restrictors, which are fitted as standard unless you don’t require them, provide a child-proof safety feature by preventing the window from being opened fully. This feature also allows the window to be left open for ventilation and still be secure. They also provide additional security when the window is closed.



Both sash windows can be cleaned from the inside with an easy to use tilt mechanism – which has a safety restrictor fitted as standard. All glass is toughened safety glass. Two sash lifts are fitted on the bottom sash and two pole eyes located on the top of the sash, allowing easy opening and closing.


Bespoke VS Features




Available in a large range of colour and woodgrain foil finishes that allow you to match windows to the age and style of your property.


Standard colours include White, Cream, Rosewood, Light Oak. Dual colours mean you can mix and match, for example; opting for a woodgrain finish to the exterior and white on the inside. Also available in any RAL colour.

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